Welcome to the home of RunningSites Ltd, a dedicated web host for running and athletics clubs. RunningSites was set up in 2008 to service the unique high-storage / low-bandwidth requirements of running and athletics organisations.

Based in Chelmsford, we run custom-built hosting servers in diverse areas of the UK, guarding against congestion and outage problems in any one geographic area. To read about our history and the reason we were set up, click here; to speak with us, email or postal mail us, or To enquire about moving your current site or sites to our innovative hosting platform, just click here.

RunningSites is a 'micro-host', and you can read about our technology and hosting solution here. To report problems with this website, and to make suggestions or ask questions then use the links in the contacts page or join the discussions in the forum here.

Thanks for looking and happy running!